COVID-19 has made millions of underprivileged students across the U.S. face challenges learning remotely effectively. Smartly is a project that aims to help as many underprivileged students as possible to learn digitally. Smartly now consists of over 90 volunteer helpers and several hundred students helped. Smartly has been recognized by several news organizations such as, PIX11, MSN News, Flipboard, News Break, and Spectrum News.


Smartly's mission is to help underprivileged students across the United States with their homework at absolutely no cost. With the current situation of COVID-19, schooling for students has been stressful. Smartly aims to help cut down on the stress brought by online schooling by providing constructive assistance to students from our volunteer helpers.


how it works


Step 1

A students asks their question in the "Get Homework Help" tab


Step 2

Helpers receive student questions on their shared question document


Step 3

A helper in the student's subject area will draft a solution for the student

Helper contacts

Step 4

A helper will reach out to the student via email with the complete solution.


"During the pandemic, my workload for school increased a lot. At first, it was doable, but more stressful homework was given by our school, which was hard to deal with. Smartly has been a huge help because I can study my subjects, complete my assignments, and get higher grades while better understanding all the material."

E.B. – User of Smartly

"Finding homework help is not always easy, especially as a low-income student. Most homework assistance sites are either paid for or are really low-quality. Smartly has enabled me to get help in a way I never thought was possible before. Thank you, Smartly."

P.A. – User of Smartly


why get 


You can enrich the world with your subject expertise 

You can add Smartly to your résumé if accepted

You can learn more by helping others

You help all on your own schedule

You inspire others to help others in need

& so much more...

Is Smartly a free service?

Yes! Smartly is 100% free and will always be free!

How often can I ask for help?

You can ask for help anytime, anywhere! However, please don't flood our forms with an excessive amount of questions since it can be flagged as spam; use your own judgement and use it judiciously.

Can I upload images of my homework?

Sort of. We are working on implementing a file-upload option soon. For the time-being, please upload your images to and insert the link in the form.

So, will you just do all my homework?

No. Smartly is not designed to do your homework for you. Our helpers will offer guidance and pointers to help you best. We want you to learn from us!

Who are the helpers?

All helpers have applied for the position in our "Become a Helper" section of the site. Helpers can be any age and from any country, but they are all reviewed to make sure they are qualified to help you in the subjects that they are proficient in only.

How do I communicate with helpers?

After you submit your homework request form, you will get an email from one of our helpers in the email that you provided. We are diligently working on creating a live-chat feature, which will pair helpers and students one-on-one in a whiteboard setting. However, this will take time to develop and implement.

Can I donate?

We have met above and beyond our donation goal. For sponsorship information, please email!

I have another question...

Email us! We're here to help.